6 months later…

Back in January (where did the time go) when I decided the Boxing Day cricket was a good idea and I’d say “sure, why not” to most things, I hadn’t imagined what lay ahead.

In March 2023 my elderly Mum became very ill, after a hospital visit for 2 weeks, she was admitted to a nursing home, where my Dad had been for 12 months already.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve had the joy of selling their house, packing it all up, dealing with various government bodies to get things sorted and on it goes. The equal sum of all this is more stress than I needed.

It was a long, tiring 6 months.

Then another few months catching up on work.

For anyone who has tackled the aged care system, Centrelink and a retirement village – all at once will know what I’ve been through. Ha, even if you’ve tackled one of these, you’ll get a sense of what I went through.

It’s now time to try to stop stressing about it all, there’s only so much that one person can do. As I keep reminding myself, both my parents are in a wonderful place and are happy and surrounded by others, which is a great thing when old age sets in.

So… Now back to work.

But not as I know it.

For years I’ve wanted to become a writer, but the bookkeeping never stops. There are just continual deadlines, it feels like I’m going around in circles.

Again, I’m saying, “why not?” and adding freelance writing to my skill set.

As my tagline suggests, I’ll be both a Writer and a Bookkeeper.

Anyone who knows me will know I’m always up for a challenge.

Some would say I’m biting off more than I can chew but it’s one of those things if I never try it, I’ll never know, and I’m getting too old to keep pushing it to the side.

Here’s hoping it’ll give me the spark back in my work life that I need.

Bring on 2024 !!

I know it’s not far off, but here’s hoping that it’s going to be better than 2023.

Trish Martino

About the author – Trish Martino

Trish is a qualified and experienced Bookkeeper, Virtual Assistant and Freelance Writer based in Sunbury VIC Australia. If you need help getting your business organised, getting your books balanced and /or need a copywriter to write content for your marketing campaigns and other form of document, Trish is the one to call!