Sure, I’ll give it a go, why not.

Those words were the ones that in an instant became my mantra for 2023. It started off late in 2022 when I was asked to go to the Boxing Day Cricket match in Melbourne, I’d never been to the cricket and didn’t particularly like watching it. But after a few drinks on a warm sunny day, when my husband asked if I’d like to go, I said, “sure, why not”.’ And that’s where it started. My year of giving anything a try.

Well most things.

I don’t have any issues trying this so long as they don’t include bungee jumping, paragliding or anything that means I’m up in the air, I’m scared as hell of heights. So two things I learned about myself on Boxing day, actually, 3. 

  1. I like cricket, 
  2. I’m not a fan of sitting in the sun on a 30c+ day, 
  3. this is actually fun.

The fun part saying, “sure, why not” to a lot of things I would normally go, “nah, I’ll give it a miss”. 

Who knows how much I’ve missed out on in the past few years.

This is fun, the calendar starts to fill up, and I’m enjoying life and my work. To enjoy your work you need to enjoy life too. And I get to meet a lot of new people. Since Boxing Day, I’ve said “sure, why not” a lot of times. There’s been weddings, engagement parties, an awesome New Years Eve party and more to come.  It feels like there’s no boundaries, it’s liberating! And the best thing, and I’ve gotta admit it’s a bit scary, I’m going to do this with my business too. So if you think I could help you with your business, call or email me for a short call. No strings attached.  I’ll most likely to say, “sure, why not” (unless it involves heights) ! Here’s to the future, this could be a very interesting ride indeed. At the very least it’ll be different.

Trish Martino.

Trish Martino

About the author – Trish Martino

Trish is a qualified and experienced Bookkeeper, Virtual Assistant and Freelance Writer based in Sunbury VIC Australia. If you need help getting your business organised, getting your books balanced and /or need a copywriter to write content for your marketing campaigns and other form of document, Trish is the one to call!